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Laptop Lock Review

Why Buy a Laptop Lock?

Millions of dollars are lost each year due to laptop theft. These personal computers contain information that, if placed in the wrong hands, can lead to identity theft, including the loss of passwords, employee and customer information, social security numbers, bank account numbers and so on. It is clear that extra safety precautions are necessary to keep this sensitive information firmly in your possession. One of the best ways to protect your laptop is to secure it with a laptop lock. This unique device closely resembles a standard bike lock, having either a keyed lock or a combination lock and a woven steel cable. At the end of this cable are the lock and a specially designed connector, engineered to correspond with the standardized “Kensington Security Slot.” This slot has been present on almost all laptops since its inception, allowing these laptop cables to be utilized in almost any case.

Several brands of these security cables have come onto the scene in recent years, ranging from the solid Targus to the industry standard Kensington product and the cable from SIIG, Inc. We’ve assembled a list that includes these high quality products to give you a comprehensive guide to purchasing a secure laptop cable. For additional information, don’t forget to check out our articles on laptop locks.

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Laptop Locks: What to Look For

If you are considering purchasing a laptop security cable, there are a few key attributes for which you should look. Cable strength and the features thereof, several lock options, helpful customer service from the manufacturer as well as a worthwhile warranty all contribute to the value of a laptop cable. Cables that are easily severed or that do not include a warranty will provide little protection and financial peace-of-mind.

Cable Strength and Features
Cable strength is determined by the thickness of the woven steel cable and the materials used in the wire’s composition. Several types of steel are used in the creation of these cables, from galvanized steel and carbon-tempered steel, to steel wires woven with Kevlar. The cables are frequently encased in a polyurethane sheath to protect them from corrosion. This coating also serves to prevent the cable from scratching surfaces it contacts. A strong cable is very important to the usefulness of a laptop security system.

Lock Options
A good laptop security cable will offer multiple options for their locking systems. Combination locks, keyed locks, master keyed locks, electronic alarms and padlocks are all viable components. Most manufacturers will produce cables with two lock options, but some limit themselves to one type, most commonly the combination lock. Look for a cable with multiple lock options.

Quality cables should be well-supported by the manufacturer. Several options for customer support should be available, from telephone lines and email addresses to FAQs pages and user’s manuals. A warranty that guarantees the cable shows the confidence of the manufacturer in their product. Some services even provide a live online chat option for convenience. Look for a product with extensive support and documentation as well as a solid warranty.

Laptop locks are an inexpensive way to ensure your personal computer or device is not easily stolen. Take a look at our list of the top best laptop cables before making your decision; we have identified a large selection of high-quality products.